CureLight Series

With a rollable treatment handpiece, a lightweight portable design, and a simple and beautiful human-computer interface.

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Product Model
CureLight F2
CureLight F3
CureLight F4
Laser Type GaAIAs Diode Laser
Wavelength Combinations (nm) 630,810 /980/1064 630,810,980 /1064 630,810,915,980 /1064
Maximum Power 300mw+30W 300mw+30W+30W 300mw+15W+15W+15W
Operation Mode CW, Repeat Pulse, ISP
Pulse Duration 10 - 90%
Frequencies 1 - 20000 Hz
Pilot Beam Red Diode Laser of 630nm, Power<5mW
Control Mode 10.1“True Color Touch Screen with Android Operating System
Wifi Upgrade Software
Transmission System Medical Fibers With SMA905 Connector
Dimensions (cm) 27.5(L) x 28.3(W) x 18.6(H)
Safety Goggles 2 Pairs
Weight 7Kg
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Included accessories

Spot Size(diameter) 30mm

Spot Size(diameter) 10mm

180-480(nm) & 750-1100(nm) OD6

470 (W) X 400 (L) X 240 (H) mm

Optional accessories

IPX8 (NEMA 4, 4x, 6, 6P)

robot arm is able to achive instead of manual operation automatically.